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Nice picture of Kimba and Kitty

Kimba with Kitty and their friends

Kimba's parents - Snowene and Caesar (click to enlarge)Caesar with the animals (click to enlarge)Kimba the white lion is the son of Snowene and Caesar (Panja), the emperor of the jungle. Caesar wanted all the animals in the jungle to live in peace and freedom. So he helped every animal captured by the hunters to escape from their cages.
Snowene with dying Caesar (click to enlarge)Viper Snakely and his sidekick (click to enlarge)The hunters were angry, but one day one of them, called Viper Snakely,  discovered how to capture Caesar: he captured Snowene, and used her as a bait in a trap for Caesar. While trying to save her, Caesar was killed, and Snowene was put on a steam boat heading to a zoo in Europe.
Kimba and his mother (click to enlarge)Kimba is born (click to enlarge)Soon Kimba was born on that ship. After some time, Kimba wanted to know about his father, and Snowene told him who Caesar was. She also asked him to return to Africa, his father's land, where he belongs. So he jumped into the sea from the boat. 
After a big storm (click to enlarge)Swimming back home (click to enlarge)After a storm sunk the ship his  mother was on, he started swimming and reached his father's homeland, where he made friends with his father's friends and became the jungle's king.


[picture is from www.kimba.us, used with permission as the poem's illustration]Kimba has always been there for you
And Kimba has always been there for me
He is a true friend of all of us
And he's a friend of everybody

Whenever you're alone and feel empty
No matter where you might be
There's always a hand you'll find
A white paw which will make you happy

Let's follow him to a better world
Where all the animals and humans unite
And let's just walk along
The friendship's golden line

Poem CroKimba
Picture Kimba.us (used with permission)


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