"Janguru Taitei" manga was originally published in monthly comic magazine "Manga Shonen" in Japan, which was published by Gakudosha. The manga was later republished in 3 volumes by Kodansha in 1977.

The manga started in the November 1950's issue, and ended in April 1954's issue.


"Jungle Emperor" is the first anime in color (first animated TV series) in Japan. It was aired on Fuji Television.The broadcasting started on October 6, 1965. and ended on September 28, 1966. It was shown every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, 1 episode per day.


The first "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie (the second one was released in 1997) was shown in Japan and Italy. In Japan it was distributed by Toho, and the first showing was on Sunday, July 31. In Italy it won a Golden Lion (1st prize) at the 19th Film Festival for youth held in Venice.

"Janguru Taitei - Susume, Leo!" (Go ahead, Leo!/Onward, Leo!) anime, sequel to "Jungle Emperor", was shown in Japan on Fuji Television. The broadcasting started on October 5, 1966. and ended on March 9, 1967. It was shown every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, 1 episode per day.

"Kimba the white lion" anime was shown in USA. It was distributed by NBC Films, and it was aired for the last time in 1978.


In Venezuela the movie "Jungle Emperor Leo" won a Silver Lion at the Venezuela International Film Festival.

"Kimba the white lion" anime was shown in Australia on Melbourne TV. It started at 4:00 PM.


"Kimba the white lion" anime was aired as "Kimba el leon blanco" in Spain on TVE for the first time. Also, it's interesting that "Kimba" was the first Japanese anime that was ever aired in Spain.

These series were later released on video in Spain in the 80s (the exact year is not known). (Many thanks to Mazochungo for this info!)